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How to install the Add-on

Copy the new files

Copy the new files to the source directory

If you are in Linux

cp -r $PATH_TO _ADDON/setup-data/* $DSPACE_SRC/dspace-jspui/src/main/webapp

Where $PATH_TO ADDON is the directory where you put the add-on for instalation and $DSPACESRC/ is the source directory.

As an example: If the addon is in the opt directory and dspace source is in /src-dspace/dspace32 the command is:

cp -r /opt/setup-data/* /src-dspace/dspace32/dspace-jspui/src/main/webapp


Edit $DSPACE_SRC/dspace-jspui/src/main/java/org/dspace/app/webui/jsptag/

Add to the import delcarations:

import java.util.Locale;

After String actualPage = hrq.getContextPath() + page; add:

    Locale sessionLocale = UIUtil.getSessionLocale(hrq);
    String lang =  sessionLocale.getLanguage().toString();
    actualPage = lang != "en" ? actualPage.replace("help","help_" + lang) : actualPage;

Build DSpace

Change the jsp files

Edit $DSPACE_SRC/dspace-jspui/src/main/webapp/layout/navbar-default.jsp and change "endswith" to "contains":

currentPage.contains( "/help" )...

Edit $DSPACE_SRC/dspace-jspui/src/main/webapp/layout/navbar-admin.jsp nd change "endswith" to "conains":

currentPage.contains( "/help" )...

Build DSpace

Proceed according to DSpace Documentation to build and update your DSpace installation.


The Sharing Bar Add-on was developed in the context of RCAAP Project RCAAP by KEEP SOLUTIONS, a spin-off of the University of Minho, specialized in digital preservation and advanced solutions for digital archives and libraries, in partnership with the Documentation Services of the University of Minho.

Need help, or give any type of contribution?

Please contact us at FCT|FCCN or any commiter.


Please contact us at FCT|FCCN.