changes-2.0.sql 826 Bytes
-- Changes to database caused by addon OAI-PMH
--                                     FULL-TEXT EXTRACTION
-- Last Change: 2009-10-27T13:58:00
-- Privileges Needed To Execute Script: User must be able to create and alter

use metarepository;
-- * New table Deleted Documents *
-- Table needed to maintain tracking of deleted records for selective harvesting 
--   on OAI-PMH addon. Table name is -deleted_documents-.
CREATE TABLE  `deleted_documents` (
  `deleted_id` varchar(255)  NOT NULL,
  `delition_date` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`deleted_id`)

-- * New column Full Text *
-- A column must be added to table repositories to record/remanber if in this 
--   repository full text is going to be extracted. Column name is -full_text-.
ALTER TABLE repositories ADD COLUMN full_text tinyint (1) default '0';