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					<p>RCAAP portal aims to collect, aggregate 
and index Open Access scientific contents from Portuguese institutional 
repositories. <br /> <br />
RCAAP constitutes a single entry point 
for searching, discovery and recall of thousands of scientific and scholarly 
publications, namely journal articles, conference papers, thesis and 
dissertations, distributed by several Portuguese repositories. A list 
of the repositories aggregated in the portal is available in the <a href="http://www.rcaap.pt/directory.jsp">Directory</a>. <br />

RCAAP portal is one of the main components from the project <a href="http://projecto.rcaap.pt/">Reposit&#243;rio Cientfico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal</a>. 
RCAAP project is an initiative from <a href="http://www.infosociety.gov.pt/">UMIC Knowledge Society Agency</a>, developed by <a href="http://www.fccn.pt/">FCCN Funda&#231;&#227;o para a Computa&#231;&#227;o Cient&#237;fica Nacional</a>, with the technical and scientific collaboration from <a href="http://www.uminho.pt/Default.aspx?lang=en-US">Minho University</a>. <br /><br />

The current version of RCAAP portal was developed based on the search platform <a href="http://lucene.apache.org/solr/">Apache Solr</a>.